Size in feet-
Size in meters-
Type of knotsTurkish (Ghiordes) - Turc (Ghiordès) - Persian (Senneh) - Persan (Senneh)
Country Made InAfghanistan - Pakistan - India - Iran - Turkey - China
ConditionExcellent (Brand New) - Excellent (tout neuf) - Very Good - Très bon

We work with many insurance agencies across Eastern Canada, helping them and their clients assess the cost and time required to clean and repair their carpets. We are the official appraisers for a number of major Quebec insurance companies, the City of Montreal and the Canada Border Services Agency. Over the years, our experts have appeared in federal and provincial courts as expert witnesses for insurance companies, major law firms, the Canadian government and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

Written Evaluation Report

To request a written evaluation report, you can contact us by telephone at 514-735-1958 or by email at The fee for a certificate of evaluation is $165 for the first carpet and between $65 to $125 for each additional carpet, depending on the quantity, quality and value of the carpet(s) requested. An additional charge for travel applies for on-site inspections. For on site inspections made in the greater Montreal area, the travel charge is $85. On site inspection travel charges outside the island of Montreal are $85 plus $1.45 km.

Free Verbal Evaluation

If you are seeking a verbal evaluation, it will be given free of cost, provided you bring your carpet to our showroom between 4:30 and 5:00 PM. We are located at 8461 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec and are open Monday to Saturday, except for national and provincial holidays.

Certificate of Authenticity

With every purchase, we can provide you with an appraisal certificate for insurance purposes or your personal records. In issuing an appraisal, we assign a price that one would expect to pay in a retail store, which is to say, the replacement cost of a carpet that is purchased through established means of distribution. Every appraisal is issued on our custom letterhead and represents the opinion of our staff as to the fair retail replacement value for a given product in the marketplace.