Custom Made Rugs

Our manufacturing facilities are located throughout Asia. As a result, we are able to customize almost any rug to your desired size, shape, color and natural fiber of choice: wool, silk or both.

  • Choose from hundreds of designs on our online and physical store inventory;
  • Bring in your own design and colors;
  • Select the natural fiber of your choice: pure wool, natural silk, or a blend of both;

Each rug is custom designed and no two rugs are alike. We begin with creating a unique design. Once you are satisfied with your design, we colorize the pattern with potential color palettes. After you have approved the color scheme, we begin the act of creating the rug. Every step of making the carpet, artists hands touch the carpet: from the shearing of the lambs wool, separation and selection of only the finest wools to transferring the design patterns, etc. We deliver to you a truly unique and handmade carpet.

Custom Rugs Preliminary Order Form

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As a general rule of thumb, it takes one month to produce two feet of a a hand-knotted pure wool or natural silk area rug. A part from size, others factors to consider that have a direct effect on the time it will take to produce your custom rug are:

  • The type of knot you desire (senneh or persian)
  • The quantity of knots you wish to have per square inch (KPSI: Knots per square inch)
  • The date you wish to receive your rug


Click on one of the categories below to see examples of custom carpets we can make for you. Kindly note that we are also able to re-produce for you in the size of your choice most rugs you see on our website. Therefore, feel free to message us.