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Our manufacturing facilities are located throughout Asia. As a result, we are able to customize almost any rug to your desired size, shape or color.

  • Choose from hundreds of designs from our inventory, or bring in your own design or imagination.
  • Choose your own colors, or modify the colors of any of our rugs.
  • Choose from all wool, all silk, or a wool & silk combination.

Each rug is custom designed and no two rugs are alike. We begin with creating a unique design. Once you are satisfied with your design, we colorize the pattern with potential color palettes. After you have approved the color scheme, we begin the act of creating the rug. Every step of making the carpet, artists hands touch the carpet: from the shearing of the lambs wool, separation and selection of only the finest wools to transferring the design patterns, etc. We deliver to you a truly unique and handmade carpet.

When will your carpet be ready?

To establish the length of time it will take to produce and ship your carpet to you, there are several factors we take in consideration, including:

  • Size of the carpet;
  • Type of knot desired;
  • Number of knots desired;
  • Date in which you would like to receive your carpet;


    Size Feet Meters
    Small Under 8' x 5' Under 2.44 x 1.52 m
    Medium (8' x 5') to (10'x 8') (2.44 x 1.52) to (3.05 x 2.44)
    Large (10'x 8') to (14' x 10') (3.05 x 2.44) to (4.27 x 2.44)
    Palace Size Above 14' x 10' Above 4.27 x 2.44 m
    Runners 8-20 ft in length to 3-4 ft wide 2.4-6.1 in length/ 0.9-1.2 wide


      Knot is a term used for a strand of wool yarn which is looped around two adjacent warp threads and then cut to form the pile of the carpet (surface). There are four different knot types commonly used when producing hand-knotted Oriental or Persian rugs and carpets:

      • Turkish Knot (Ghiordes) or symmetrical knots;
      • Persian Knot (Senneh) or asymmetrical knots;
      • Tibetan Knot;
      • Jutfi Knot;

      At Bashir Persian Rugs, we only produce rugs and carpets of the highest knot quality which are the Turkish or Persian Knots. Both knot types are all tied around two warp threads.

      Turkish vs Persian carpet knots

      Turkish Knot (Ghiordes): This is a symmetrical knot where the wool lies across both warps, comes under each, and back up in between the two. Turkish knots are also known as Ghiordes knots. Broadly-speaking, the Turkish knot is used in Turkey,Turkmenistan and some Turkish and Kurdish areas of Iran.

      Persian Knot (Senneh): This is an asymmetrical knot where one end of the wool stays above the foundation, the other goes under one warp and over the next, then back under that warp to exit between the two warps. The Persian knot, also known as the Senneh knot is more likely to be used in Iran, India, Egypt, China or Pakistan.

      For more information regarding custom orders, feel free to call us directly at 514-735-1958 or e-mail us at


      Click on one of the categories below to see examples of custom carpets we can make for you, from the Victoria Albert Museum or the White House:

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