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Dining Rooms (White House)

Dining Rooms (White House) <br></br>

Family Dining Room, 2015

Carpet description:

  • Modelled from a woven pictorial creation by 1950s textile artist Anni Albers
  • Abstract, modern design in brown, beige, black, and white

  • In February 2015, the Obamas performed a bold makeover of the Family Dining Room to showcase modern American art and design. This marked the first time since the Kennedy administration that the room was entirely renovated. The room was repainted a light gray to lighten the room's color scheme. The room's new brown, beige, black, and white rug has a design adapted from the 1950 work Black, White, and Gray by textile artist Anni Albers. The new design also features a new, table, gilded metal and glass wall light sconces, and china typical of mid-20th century American design. Four American abstract art - a favorite of the First Family's - were donated and placed in the room. The new burgundy red drapes, influenced by the 1961 Kennedy redesign but less formal, now grace the windows. The silver tea service was originally manufactured for the 1939 New York World's Fair and is accompanied by ceramic, porcelain, and glass servingware.

    State Dining Room, 2008: Obama administration

    State Dining Room 2011

    Carpet description:

  • 100% wool
  • Woven by Scott Group Custom Carpets
  • Extra large size (28-by-43-feet)

  • The White House contains two dining rooms, one private for the family to dine in, and another for large formal dinners and receptions, the State Dining Room. The State Dining Room has been rebuilt from its original, rather small, size and is now almost 49 feet by 36 feet. Once Thomas Jefferson's library and office, it was expanded due to the growing demand for state dining events as the nation grew. The architecture of the room was modeled after the neoclassical English houses of the late 18th century. A renovation by architects McKim, Mead, & White brought a new ceiling and a cornice of white plaster, as well as natural oak wall paneling with Corinthian pilasters and a delicately carved frieze. A silver-plate chandelier and complementing wall sconces were also added. The mahogany dining table, when not set for a state dinner, displays part of former president's James Monroe's gilt service, purchased from France in 1817. The room contains several Queen Anne-style chairs, and ornamental bronze-doré pieces are used today as table decorations. The glorious plateau centerpiece is made up of seven mirrored sections and measures over 14 feet in length when fully extended.

    The first element of the Obama renovation, a 28-by-43-foot (8.5 by 13.1 m) carpet, was installed in 2012. The wool rug, woven by Scott Group Custom Carpets, features a border of wreaths surrounding a field of mottled light blue, complemented by clusters of oak leaves. The carpet's design matches the plaster molding of the ceiling.

    Family Dining Room, 2008


    Carpet description:

  • Custom made
  • American eagle motif

  • This rug was custom made for the room in 2008 and features the classic American eagle figure in the border and round floral field medallions, inspired by the 18th century French marble mantel that was installed during the Kennedy administration in 1962.

    State Dining Room, 1962: Kennedy administration


    Carpet description:

  • Custom made
  • Inspired by the Grenadian Moorish style
  • Broadloom (seamless) weave

  • A new carpet, a copy of the one French interior designer Stéphane Boudin designed for Leeds Castle, was woven and installed during the Kennedy refurbishment by the Stark Carpet Company of New York.

    The 1961 Kennedy renovation and redecoration was Jacqueline Kennedy's effort, driven by her for fine art and authentic period pieces, to restore the White House to a grander, more authentic period look worthy of the White House's historic importance.

    Family Dining Room, 1963


    Carpet description:

  • Cordoba-style rug
  • Moorish design

  • The Family Dining Room is located on the State Floor of the White House. The room is used for smaller, private meals. Used in the 1800s as a space for the First Family to have their meals, the Family Dining Room was used more for working lunches and small dinners in the 20th and 21st centuries, and family dinners are now more often served on the Second Floor in the President's Dining Room.

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