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Veramin : 11'6" x 9'

Veramin : 11'6" x 9'

Veramin : 11'6" x 9'
Veramin : 11'6" x 9'
Veramin : 11'6" x 9'

What's the price?
Size in feet 11'6" x 9'
Size in meters3.5 x 2.74
Pile (Fiber & Yarns Used)100% Pure Hand spun Virgin Wool & All Natural Vegetable Dyes
Type of fabricationGenuine Hand-knotted - Persian knots (Senneh)
Country Made InAfghanistan (South-Central Asia)
Design OriginAntique Persian & Mogul
ConditionExcellent (Brand New)
Available In Other SizesYes, upon special request
Carpet IDK24307

*Contact us to verify availability and price. Only special offers can be purchased on-line.
**This carpet is hand-knotted. Differences in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur.
***Fine hand-knotted carpets have a light and dark side depending on the direction you are standing from. If you are against the pile, they will look darker and vice-versa.
****Each carpet is of the highest quality in its category and is carefully handpicked overseas by a member of the Bashir family.

A Brief History of Veramin Carpets

Veramin is an important carpet weaving center located 28 miles southeast of Tehran in Iran. Carpets made in this town are known as Veramin carpets (or Varamin, Veramine). Veramin has been a tribal center for centuries. In 1795, when Tehran became the capital of Iran, many heads of various tribes moved to Tehran either by their will or by the Shah who wanted to disperse them in order to diminish their power so they could not question and fight the central government. At the time, Tehran did not have the facilities and the infrastructure to place all these tribes along with their horses, sheep and goats. Thus, the neighbouring town of Veramin became their place of residence. Several Arab, Azari, Lor and Kurdish tribes migrated to Veramin and its suburbs. Many of these tribal people knew how to make rugs as it was in their culture and a part of their family traditions. Hence, Veramin carpets are made by tribal weavers. They are mostly large rugs; about 3 feet 4 inches wide and 10 feet to 11 feet long and are made of very lustrous wool. Their pile is of medium depth and they are very densely knotted. The village and workshop weavers mainly use the asymmetrical knot (Persian knot) and the nomads, depending on their ethnicity, use either the asymmetrical or the symmetrical knot (Turkish knot). Veramins have distinct designs such as open fields with repeated sets of flowers (joined via diagonal grape vines), leaf motifs and geometric patterns. Depending on the weaver’s background, sometimes the motifs employed are Turkoman guls, Caucasian crabs or the Persian boteh, all in bright colors. Many Veramin runners have geometric patterns such as several medallions in line. The signature design of Veramin is the Minakhani design in which the field of the carpet is completely covered with daisies connected together with lines that form diamonds or circles in an all-over layout. This designs background color is usually blue and the motifs are usually woven in white, yellow, orange, bright red or blue. Another all-over design of Veramin is a combination of Herati motifs in between Shah Abbasi motifs. Their motifs are woven in red, green, and blue with white highlights against a blue-black background.

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