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Mauri Bokhara : 4'1" x 2'8"

Mauri Bokhara : 4'1" x 2'8"

Mauri Bokhara : 4'1" x 2'8"
Mauri Bokhara : 4'1" x 2'8"
Mauri Bokhara : 4'1" x 2'8"

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NameMauri Bokhara
Size in feet 4'1" x 2'8"
Size in meters1.24 x 0.81
Pile (Fiber & Yarns Used)Ultra Soft & Lustrous Pure Lamb's Wool
Type of fabricationHand-knotted with Turkish knots (Ghiordes)
Country Made InPakistan (South Asia)
Design OriginTurkoman
ConditionExcellent (Brand New)
Available In Other SizesYes, upon special request
Carpet IDK291123

*This carpet is hand-knotted. Differences in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur.
**Each carpet is of the highest quality in its category & is carefully handpicked overseas by a member of the Bashir family.

A Brief History of Bokhara Carpets

Bokhara is a term widely used in the West to refer to carpets and rugs made by various Turkmen tribes of Central Asia. Their history dates back centuries. The Turkomans were situated to the north of what is now called Afghanistan. During the early 1900s, the name of Bukhara, a city in Uzbekistan, was applied to these rugs. In fact, few Turkmen live in or around Bukhara, which has a population made up principally of Tajiks and Uzbeks. The Turkomans were an industrious people who would barter their trade for food, clothing, etc. which they couldn't produce themselves. As a result, their weavings would invariably show up in bazaars (a type of trading zone) in cities such as Bukhara, hence the name. The city did serve as a transit point for some Turkmen rugs on their way to the West. Today, such rugs are mainly produced in, and sold from, Pakistan and Iran. In Pakistan, they are mainly produced in a region around the city of Lahore. Various vegetable and other natural dyes are used to produce their rich colors. The typical pattern of a Bokhara rug is that of the octagonal elephant's foot (Bukhara) print. Bokhara's often come in a red or tan background (picture). However, today you can also find them in more modern colors such as light blue or purple.

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