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Semnan - Tree of Life : 15'10" x 9'6"

Semnan - Tree of Life : 15'10" x 9'6"

Semnan - Tree of Life : 15'10" x 9'6"
Semnan - Tree of Life : 15'10" x 9'6"
Semnan - Tree of Life : 15'10" x 9'6"

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NameSemnan - Tree of Life
Size in feet 15'10" x 9'6"
Size in meters4.82 x 2.90
Pile (Fiber & Yarns Used)100% Pure Wool, Natural Organic Dyes
Type of fabricationHand-knotted with Senneh knots (asymetrical)
Country Made InPakistan (South Asia)
Design OriginPersian
ConditionBrand new, one of a kind
Carpet IDK2911793
Sizes Are Approximate. Photos Are Representative And Not Necessarily Exact For Colour.
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A Brief History of Semnan Carpets

Semnan Carpet Design DrawingSemnan is an Iranian city that has been historically known for its superbly crafted area rugs. This small city sits on the southern foothills of the Alborz Mountain range located in the Semnan Province in northern Iran approximately 221 kilometres from Tehran. The production of textiles and carpets are the most important industries in the history of the city. Even though in 2010 Semnan boasted over 50,000 inhabitants, production of area rugs is rather limited, creating a very high demand, particularly among collectors.

All of the Semnan area rugs are very finely and densely woven by extremely skilled artisans. They use the famous asymmetrical Persian knot to produce this type of carpet. The distinguishing characteristics of Semnan area rugs are large geometric shapes that run in a linear pattern down the center of the rug. It is also common to see small and finely articulated designs, often in endless repeats on Semnan area rugs.

The Shah Abbas design is popular in borders as well as in the field, and as a corner resolution. This design is based on a floral pattern and has been popular since time of the Safavid dynasty. Its abstract floral designs combined with Arabesque designs are frequently seen on Semnan area rugs.

Antique Semnan area rugs typically feature main designs that have softer, rounder, floral patterns. There are almost two distinctive color palettes on Semnan area rugs. Those woven with Isfahan influence predominantly feature reds. The Semnan area rugs influenced by Mashad have a more subtle palette of reds, blues, yellows, greens, and ivory. All of the colors are created from the local vegetation. The foundations on Semnan area rugs are cotton while the pile is soft, glossy wool, all silk or a mixture of both. The base is usually made up of cotton, except in very fine parts which can be pure silk.

Although Persian carpets produced in the major weaving cities of Iran are technically superior to those produced on the outskirts, these pieces from the smaller central cities of Iran are still among the best. Many carpets from this area have been known to last hundreds of years. Antique Semnan pieces are quite rare and very valuable. Most are hung as treasured works of art on the wall rather than used on the floor. Semnan area rugs purchased today are very durable and able to withstand even the heaviest traffic while maintaining their beauty and luster. To learn more about iranian rugs, please visit our Persian Rugs section.

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