Rug Color Bleeding

Rug color bleeding: An example of a red carpet with a color run.

Persian & Oriental Rug Color Bleeding - April 27, 2017

It is a wonderful day in Montreal for a morning. My water bottle on my desk is more than half full, so with this attitude I will have a jolly good day.

Today I received a call about a cat soiling the carpet and some colours ran. In Nain or Tabas designed carpets, it is common for the red colour to bleed during the washing process. Red Belouch carpets run as well. In this case, the blue colour bled. It was a tenant's cat and the tenant has offered to pay. Whenever a cat or dog do their business and we clean the carpet, we will give you, for a limited time, a carpet especially for your dog or a cat that is about 24' x 18' in size.

If we run out of carpets to give, we will make a 5% donation to your local SPCA.