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Hatchlu : 20'7" x 2'

Hatchlu : 20'7" x 2'

Hatchlu : 20'7" x 2'
Hatchlu : 20'7" x 2'
Hatchlu : 20'7" x 2'

What's the price?
Size in feet 20'7" x 2'
Size in meters6.27 x 0.61
Pile (Fiber & Yarns Used)100% Pure Lamb's Wool
Type of fabricationHand-knotted with Persian knots (Senneh)
Country Made InPakistan (South Asia)
Design OriginTurkoman
ConditionExcellent (Brand New)
Available In Other SizesYes, upon special request
Carpet IDSEK21257

*This carpet is hand-knotted. Differences in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur.
**Each carpet is of the highest quality in its category & is carefully handpicked overseas by a member of the Bashir family.

A Brief History of Hatchlu Carpets

The Hatchlu rug is a very unique design which is part of the Enssi family of rugs. Enssi is a term used to refer to rugs that are traditionally used as entrance hangings to tents by Turkoman nomads located in Central Asia. Today, Enssi rugs are often associated with the Hatchlu design.

The Hatchlu design come in several different variations. However, a similar characterictic is found on all of them: They are divided into four usually symmetrical quadrants, with each quadrant featuring rows of small Y-shaped or "candle-stick" motifs.

There are several interpretations of the symbolism of Hatchlu rugs:

  • Some carpet dealers believe that the carpets were hung on entrances to the Turkoman nomads' tents as a welcoming sign to visitors.
  • Some carpet dealers believe that its one-way design has roots in the traditional prayer rug design.
  • Some authorities attribute the foundation of the design to be a reflection on the shape of the tents themselves of living residents, symbolizing security and the home.
  • Some dealers believe that the four quadrants represent the four innermost gardens to Islamic heaven.

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