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Zel-i Sultan & Golfarang - House of Windsor : 12'4" x 9'1"

Zel-i Sultan & Golfarang - House of Windsor : 12'4" x 9'1"

Zel-i Sultan & Golfarang - House of Windsor : 12'4" x 9'1"
Zel-i Sultan & Golfarang - House of Windsor : 12'4" x 9'1"
Zel-i Sultan & Golfarang - House of Windsor : 12'4" x 9'1"

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NameZel-i Sultan & Golfarang - House of Windsor
Size in feet 12'4" x 9'1"
Size in meters3.77 x 2.78
Pile (Fiber & Yarns Used)100% Pure Lamb's Wool
Type of fabricationHand knotted
Type of knotsPersian (Senneh)
Country Made InPakistan (South Asia)
Design OriginEuropean (English)
ConditionExcellent (Brand New)
Available In Other SizesYes, upon special request
Carpet IDSEK2507280

*This carpet is hand-knotted. Differences in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur.
**Each carpet is of the highest quality in its category & is carefully handpicked overseas by a member of the Bashir family.

A Brief History of Zel-i-Sultan & Golfarang Carpets

Zel-i-Sultan means "the king's shadow" in the Persian speaking language of Farsi. This design is composed of an all over arrangement of repeating vases and considered by many experts to be one of the most aesthetically accomplished of all Persian designs also called heibatloo. A small medallion and big corners are outstanding features, and the field and corners are filled with small geometric designs. In the ancient Persian speaking dynasties, the royal family's assistants had to ensure that their masters were accompanied by vases and flowers wherever they went from royal functions in majestic palaces to even traveling through the desert. The vase motif was probably introduced into Persia from China where it had been used for centuries as a symbol of peace and tranquility and has subsequently been adapted intact by Islamic carpet weavers. It is a “one way” design and the vase is often shaped like a Grecian urn which may or may not have handles.

Golfarang is the Farsi word for "flower bouquet".  Golfarang is a combination of original designs and realist flowers employed in a mixture of deep bright colors particularly the red hues.  Usually, the flowers contained in the bouquet are roses, with the tallest flower in the center reaching up towards the top of the arch – a variation of the tree-of-life design.  The English introduced roses to Persians and Persian speaking areas of the subcontinent. From then on, carpets with the Golfarang design were not only found in Imperial courtyards but also in the area gardens and homes of Persian royalty. Golfarang rugs include the following subgroups: Red flower “Golsorkh” (quarter medallion), Golfarang Bijar, Golfarang Mostofi, Golfarang Torangedar, etc.

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