Victoria & Albert Museum's Finest Carpet

The Ardabil carpet was completed in 1539-40 and is the world's oldest dated carpet. It is named after the town of Ardabil in north-west Iran. Shah Tahmasp, the ruler of Iran between 1524 and 1576, ordered the carpet for the shrine of his ancestor which still stands in the town. This most famous of Persian carpets has been the subject of endless copies ranging in size from small rugs to full scale carpets. There is an "Ardabil" at 10 Downing Street and even Hitler had an "Ardabil" in his office in Berlin. William Morris described it as: "a remarkable work of art ... the design is of singular perfection... its size and splendor as a piece of workmanship do full justice to the beauty and intellectual qualities of the design". We can reproduce for you any design of the historic Ardabil carpet currently preserved at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England. Designs can be custom made for you in the size, yarns and colors of your choice.