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Tibetan : 5'2" x 4'5"

Tibetan : 5'2" x 4'5"

Tibetan : 5'2" x 4'5"
Tibetan : 5'2" x 4'5"
Tibetan : 5'2" x 4'5"

What's the price?
Size in feet 5'2" x 4'5"
Size in meters1.57 x 1.34
Pile (Fiber & Yarns Used)100% Pure Wool, Natural Organic Dyes
Type of fabricationHand-knotted with Ghiordes knots (symmetrical)
Country Made InAfghanistan
Design OriginPersian
ConditionBrand new, one of a kind
Carpet IDRDK22210018

*This carpet is hand-knotted. Differences in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur.
**Each carpet is of the highest quality in its category & is carefully handpicked overseas by a member of the Bashir family.

A Brief History of Tibetan Carpets

In all probability the history of weaving pile rugs in Tibet stretches back some nine hundred-odd years but there are few surviving examples dating from before the end of the nineteenth century. The main distinguishing feature of all Tibetan rugs is the use of the cut-loop technique (curiously also found in Finland), which can encompass anything from two to five warp threads. Another characteristic is the thickness of the pile which can be as much as two centimeters (three-quarters of an inch). Rugs are usually, but not always, backed and bordered by a red cloth. The designs are strongly influenced by Chinese and East Turkestan carpets, drawing heavily on Chinese iconography by often incorporating cranes, bats, lions, vases with flowers and dragons, sometimes paired with phoenixes. The borders are usually decorated with swastikas, T-shapes or naturalistically drawn flowers. A vibrant colour palette is very typical. Ground colours tend to be blue, black, red and orange and occasionally yellow and ivory. Tiger rugs, such as the example shown, are a very distinctive Tibetan design and are popular in Europe and America. Today carpet production in Tibet is limited, but the tradition is continued by refugees based in Nepal and India, who often weave carpets specifically for the western market.

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